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About Us

The Garage Network was created with an aim of connecting workshop owners and managers, to open up communications in work and business. 


Our 3000 strong member base is primarily workshop owners/managers who have the financial and purchasing decision making power.

We have developed multiple platforms to engage our membership base:

•    Weekly Facebook posts
•    Membership polls 
•    Help and tips 
•    Networking events 

The Garage Network regularly running physical networking events every at different workshops around Sydney. 

We also conduct an online monthly Facebook live events called ‘Wednesday Night Live’, which also integrate to pod casts with guest speakers.
We recently held a networking event during the AAAA Expo in Melbourne.

Wednesday Night Live

Our live event, hosted monthly consists of a panel of our 4 founding members discussing issues that the modern day technician / business owners are facing.


Originally Friday night, but after reviewing our audience traffic, we have moved to Wednesday night.


Topics range from day to day running of a mechanical workshop, customer service, technical discussions, life/work balance and other topics, that we find trending on our Facebook group.

Our audience has the opportunity to ask questions live in this unique round table event. This live event is also converted to a Podcast and posted on to our YouTube channel. For members to watch at a time that suits them.


These events have had over 750 views and 130 comments to the group.

Our Facebook Group Community

Our Facebook group, discusses a broad range of topics. We have over 3,000 active members.


Since May 2021, our audience engagement has increased over 51%, from an already established base.

Our Facebook group is private and all members are approved before being able to join to ensure authenticity of our group. Not surprisingly, we have a strong male participation. We attracting a younger audience, with a long future in the industry.

Our members are highly engaged on the page. They are encouraged to ask questions and participate.


Our audience is highly engaged, from a broad spectrum of workshops across Australia, with differing customer demographics. Problem solving on the Facebook group is valued by the membership group and willingness to share experiences make this page a unique community page in the industry.

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